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The Numismatic Society of Ireland is Ireland's community of individuals who are committed to the study of coins, tokens, banknotes, medals and other artefacts relating to numismatics. The worldwide membership consists of collectors, dealers and professionals from the numismatic world and other disciplines.

Programme: 2016-2017

September, Friday 16th

Members Night, Show-Tell-Sell
Mr Yeats Beastly Coins [short film]

October, Friday 21st

Dividing the Spoils
The Diadochoi
Derek Kerins [Member]

November, Friday 11th

The Victoria Cross
Murray Smith [Member]


December, Friday 9th
Society Auction
Only paid up members

January, Friday 20th

Display Competition
Cheese & Wine

February, Friday 17th

Emil Szauer Memorial Lecture
The transition from hammered to milled coinage in the British Isles
presented by Peter Preston-Morley Secretary of the Wessex N.S
Auctioneer/Specialist at DNW

March, Friday 24th

The Company of Goldsmiths of Dublin
J M Harbourne [Warden]

April, Friday 20th

The National Museum & the Formation of a National Collection
Raghnall Ó Floinn
[Director, National Museum of Ireland]

The National Museum of Ireland was opened in 1890. This lecture will examine the events which led to the formation of the Museum and its development as a national cultural institution down to the present day.

Final Meeting of the Season: May, Friday 18th

The Disappearing Pennies of the Irish ‘Emergency’
Colm Gallagher [Member]

Followed by a Mini-Auction

Coin Fair, October 2017 RDS

Dates TBA

Irish Tavern Tokens by Gerard Rice

Special 2017 Edition Full colour hardback
Details and Order Form for Irish Tavern Tokens

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