Numismatic Society of Ireland

Numismatic Society of Ireland

Cumann Moneolaíochta na hÉireann

Advancing the study and fostering interest in numismatics
especially Irish numismatics

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Origins of the Numismatic Society of Ireland

The Numismatic Society of Ireland celebrated fifty years in March 2011.

The Society was founded on the 3rd of March 1961 at a meeting held in the Dolphin Hotel, Dublin. That meeting was attended by ten members – Miss A. Neary, Dr. A.E. Went, K. O’Kelly, E. Szauer, P.J. Burke, S. Ferguson, N.D. Doyle, Professor J.C. Brindley, J.R.W. Dick and S.N. Lane.

The original aim of the Society ‘To promote the study of numismatics’ was amended in 1973 to read ‘To advance the study of, and foster interest in, numismatics and in particular, Irish Numismatics’.

Over the last five decades membership of the Society has spread throughout the world and has included well known names from the international numismatic community. New members are always welcome. Through the past half century, committees have been loyal to the original aims of the Society through seasons of monthly meetings, and publication of Society Bulletins and Occasional Papers.

A great number of visitors and guest speakers have been welcomed from all over the world to make very interesting presentations on a wide variety of numismatic topics. These are always well received by the members.

The Society holds two annual competitions among members and awards the Society’s silver medal to the winner of each competition. The first is held in January and is the Visual Award for the best numismatic display. The second, held in March, is the Written Award for the best original numismatic paper submitted by a member.

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